A Toddler Dilemma: the Remote Control (Kickstarter project spotlight)

Joe Heitzeberg
March 06, 2013

Kyle Myers, a former colleague of mine, just launched Tot Switch on Kickstarter. Tot Switch is a homegrown solution to a common dilemma facing young parents: how to prevent the little ones from changing the TV channel but without making them cry by taking the remote away.

Since he couldn’t find any commercial solution to the problem, he created his own – a replacement battery housing with a special spring-loaded toddler switch that cuts off the batteries so that toddlers can press all the buttons they want and parents can still change the channels when needed.

This was happening several times a day. It wasn’t as if it was physically difficult to take the remote back and flip back to whatever we were watching; the hard part was having to take something away from him. Sometimes he would cry and it would break our hearts.

Check out the video:

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