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ANTVR – a VR Headset for Gaming

Joe Heitzeberg
May 14, 2014

ANTVR KIT just launched on Kickstarter with a gamer-centric take on virtual reality headsets. Besides a headset with 1.3 megapixel display per eye and a 100° diagonal field of view, ANTVR creates an enhanced experience for VR gaming by including a multi-function controller which can be used as a gun, steering week, sword and more, and a unique step sensor that can sense when its wearer is crouching or moving side to side, and react accordingly in the game play.

They’ve also take a few lessons from critics of Oculus Rift to include functions such as a glance window (a simple slider that permits the wearer to look down and into the real world without taking off the headset.

ANTVR was born out of the burgeoning startup tech scene in China and specifically the Beijing Maker Space, which was also the birth place of Microduino who we wrote about previously.

Check out ANTVR KIT on Kickstarter

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