Battery Powered Orchestra Workshop (August 10-11, Portland)

Joe Heitzeberg
July 31, 2013

Hack music much? Travis Feldman (of HAXLR8R company Molecule Synth and a speaker at a prior Hack Things meetup in June) has launched another Kickstarter for BPOW: Battery Powered Orchestra Workshop, a 2-day interactive festival (August 10th and 11th in Portland, Oregon) dedicated to the art of salvaged sound and DIY electronics.

They already have some great DIY electronica workshops planned out such as “Learn to build an Atari Punk Console, a 4093 Quadroscillator, a multiwave LFO Module, or an Arduino Synth” and a scavenger hunt to local thrift shops to find vintage electronic gear to break open and hack on during the event. All of this culminates in a group performance:

“The Battery Powered Orchestra!! We’ll gather every instrument we’ve made over the weekend and compose the weirdest, most awesome public jam session! Newbies and professional performers will combine to make hopefully the best piece of music ever heard by man or non-man.”

Only in Portlandia. Check out the Kickstarter now.

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