Buccaneer concludes kickstarter campaign – 1438% funded

Joe Heitzeberg
June 29, 2013

We first wrote about Buccaneer on the very day that their Kickstarter launched, noting that they just might be creating the most consumer-friendly 3D printer yet. About one hour ago their campaign ended having raised a total of $1,438,765, putting them in good company alongside other 3D Printer success stories on Kickstarter such as FORM 1 ($2,945,885), RigidBot ($1,092,098) and Robo3D ($649,663)

Their success doesn’t surprise us, given their low price (not the cheapest, but nearly) and attention to industrial design and ease of use (the company has invested in software to make printing and tweaking models easier.)

It’s hard to overstate the importance of these points. MakerBot may be the market leader, but the word on the street is that their printers are difficult to work with, overpriced relative to their performance and, although it’s a matter of personal preference I guess, let’s just say that MakerBots look extremely cool in a hacker’s garage, but most industrial designers and hip product designers wouldn’t want a MakerBot on the desk next to their iMac. Buccaneer looks like it fits right in.

We think Buccaneer is one of the most exciting new 3D printers around.

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