Check out HAXLR8R’s Latest Batch of Hardware Startups

Joe Heitzeberg
November 24, 2013

Here’s a run-down of the latest batch of HAXLR8R companies that made their debut last week. We’ve already written about Roadie Tuner, currently live on Kickstarter, but there are a ton of other great companies spanning wearables, gaming, entertainment and medical devices. Check out the descriptions and slideshow overview below. Speaking of Kickstarter, HAXLR8R has a pretty darn good track record there (see 100% succesfully funded here).

BabyBe: A bionic baby mattress that sends bio-signals of mothers to their premature babies when they are isolated in an incubator; helping to improve their development and health. See BabyBe’s campaign on Indiegogo, for more information visit

Curio: An interactive and hackable toy character that interacts with an iPad. For more information visit

Dustcloud: An outdoor shooting game that melds online and offline gaming using a digital gun called Dustcloud, paired with a location-based iPhone app and community. Dustcloud is launching on Indiegogo, for more information visit

Everpurse: A purse that charges smartphones wirelessly, for customers who demand more interconnectivity from the products and brands they love. Everpurse successfully launched on Kickstarter, for more information visit

Notch: A wearable sensor that tracks movement in three dimensions to help sport practitioners, dancers and anyone who needs to track movement understand and improve their movement. Notch is launching on Kickstarter, for more information visit

Palette: A freeform hardware interface that offers consumers hands-on control of their favorite software. Palette assembles a physical user interface to any software by connecting elements like buttons, knobs and sliders. Initially targeting image editors, it is expanding to musicians and many other applications, and replaces the traditional mouse and keyboard. Palette is launching on Kickstarter for more information visit

Petcube: A home gadget that makes sure pets will never be lonely again. With Petcube, pet owners can watch, talk and play with their pets from anywhere using their smartphones. Petcube successfully launched on Kickstarter, for more information visit

Roadie Tuner: A handheld device that automatically tunes and diagnoses any stringed instrument in seconds. Roadie Tuner is a pioneer of the “quantified instrument” movement. The company is launching on Kickstarter, for more information visit

Vigo: A wearable device that helps users to avoid dosing off. Vigo monitors blinking patterns in order to detect signs of drowsiness and give users a nudge when they need it. For more information visit

WearPoint: A programmable touch interface for any device that uses Bluetooth low energy. Wearpoint’s swipes and clicks allow for many different controls, eliminating the need for users to tilt their head or touch Glass ever again. It is the first device targeted is Google Glass. For more information visit

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