DUO: a DIY 3D Input Controller (Kickstarter)

Joe Heitzeberg
March 27, 2013

In the coming onslaught of new connected devices, figuring out new and unobtrusive ways to interact with users will be key. Many devices will live in the real world and will require new ways of capturing input from users. After all, the keyboard and mouse were designed for seated users interacting with desktop computers.

The DUO is an interesting new 3D input device targeting the DIY crowd with a hands-free way of interacting with computers. It comes with open hardware plans, molded cases, kits and fully assembled devices. It comes with with open source drivers, SDKs and example code. Since it’s based on VGA camera technology, it’s a fairly low cost way of capturing real world input and motion. The capabilities of this remind us of Leap Motion, although presented in a much more open hardware, hacker-friendly approach.

The DUO full kit is $110 including everything one would need to create a working sensor, but there are many other pledging options available.

Check DUO out on Kickstarter.

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