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Hack Things Meetup Recap (China Trip, Molecule Synth and PCH)

Joe Heitzeberg
June 13, 2013

Thanks for everyone who made it out to our 4th Hack Things Meetup and to Madrona and SURF Incubator for sponsoring.


Ethan and Joe from Hack Things gave a quick recap of their recent China trip and talked about their experience finding and working with factories in China and visits to many startups such as Makibox, Make Block, Seeed Studio and of course HAXLR8R. They also previewed the product theyโ€™ve been working on while asking everyone to keep it confidential for now (to be notified when it launches, sign up here)


Next, Travis Feldman of Molecule Synth talked about his journey from idea to shipping product and his experiences with Kickstarter and going through the HAXLR8R program in Shenzhen. He also talked about a new product he is currently developing and planning to launch on Kickstarter in a few months.

Finally, Aymerik Renard, VP of PHC International gave an overview of how their company has helped startups like Lark and Little Bits navigate the complex world of design for manufacture, factory production, fulfillment and retail distribution.

The next meetup will be in July. Sign up here to get the notifications.

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