Hack Your Own Dash Cam with Raspberry Pi

Joe HeitzebergMartin O’Hanlon
July 29, 2013

You might already know that most modern cars have an OBD-II port designed for repair technicians but which provides a wealth of information to hackers such as engine speed, steering angle, RPMs and fuel level. Martin O’Hanlon** posted about a project** where he uses a Raspberry Pi and the camera module to capture HD video alongside the OBD-II diagnostics data from the car and mencoder to overlay the data (RPM, MPH, Temperature & Throttle position) as subtitles on top of the video. Reminds me a bit of Autosport Labs.

Awesome project. Check out the video. And Martin, if you’re listening: next time, please consider layering in the soundtrack from C’était un rendez-vous in the background.

And from C’était un rendez-vous:

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