Meet RAPIRO, the hackable robot kit for Raspberry Pi

Joe Heitzeberg
June 21, 2013

Shota Ishiwatari reached out to us to announce his new Kickstarter project, RAPIRO, and it’s something you definitely want to keep an eye on (or back the project) if you’re into hackable robotics. RAPIRO is a Robot kit project that comes with an Arduino-compatible servo controller and which uses a Raspberry Pi as its brain. The whole thing screws together (no soldiering required) and allows extend things by mounting a camera and distance sensors and speakers (not included in the base kit.)

RAPIRO comes with a total of 12 servo motors, one for its neck, one in the waist, four for the two feet, and the final six for its two arms. Rapiro can walk with its feet, can grip a pen, and can turn its head and waist.

Shota writes:

I believe that RAPIRO can be a catalyst between robotics and Paspberry Pi. We want to start a revolution in cute, cool, affordable, customizable, and programmable robots. If we are successful in our kickstarter, we will publish 3D data (.stl) on our website, allowing you to customize the RAPIRO with a 3D printer.

RAPIRO is 91% funded on Kickstarter just 32 hours after launch.

Check out RAPIRO on Kickstarter

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