Recap of August 2nd Hack Things Meetup at Synapse

Joe Heitzeberg
August 02, 2013

We had a Hack Things Meetup at Synapse today with a great turnout (~90 people), and two nice presentations followed by Q&A. Thanks to Synapse for hosting and to Highway1 for sponsoring the event!

Skooks Pong from Synapse gave a talk about the engineering process they use to develop connected hardware experiences for Disney and for Nike, followed by an-depth talk by Gabe Cohn and Sidhant Gupta about the incredible sensor work happening at Shwetek Patel’s Ubiquitous Computing Lab in the UW’s Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department, including ultra-low-power and sustainability sensing technologies currently being commercialized by Belkin and others.

Please register here to learn about future Hack Things meetups.

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