We’re at the 3D printing conference, so where’s the 3D printed schwag?

Joe Heitzeberg
April 23, 2013

We’re at the Inside 3D Printing conference in New York City this week where 3D printer makers, investors, service firms, hackers and futurists have gathered to immerse themselves in the present and future of all things 3D printing.


So where’s the 3D printed schwag?? Don’t get me wrong, MakerGear gave away handful of 3D printed bracelets and MakerBot‘s private after-party invitation was a pin-on rabbit — but you’d think that at a 3D printing conference that, I don’t know, at least half of the booths would be giving out an endless supply of 3D-printed branded chotskies? Perhaps even personalized and printed on the fly? Right? Not so fast..

It’s a reflection of the state of the market: it’s the early days of 3D printing. The price/performance of 3D printing just isn’t there yet. Or maybe it’s because it takes too long to print (hours for a single item that fits in the palm of your hand.) Or maybe it’s because it’s too expensive — often dollars instead of pennies. It certainly wasn’t for lack of interest — attendees couldn’t keep their hands off the many samples, and you can already see that much of the stuff available on Shapeways and Thingiverse would be great conference giveaways.

Maybe next year.

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