WigWag is like IFTTT for Home Automation

Joe Heitzeberg
June 19, 2013

WigWag, launched 2 hours ago on Kickstarter (31% funded with $15,915 raised out of $50,000), looks like a promising new approach to sensors in the home, offering up an “IFTTT”-like interface for wiring things together (i.e. a simple to use web interface to create basic “When” [this] happens “Then” do [that] type action / response patterns.) It’s like Twine, but better (more sensors and a more open + hackable platform.)

They offer up a number of sensor kits ranging from about $120 to $150 consisting of sensor blocks that combine motion, sound, temperature, humidity, movement, and contact closure sensors connected wirelessly to a relay that plugs into the cloud for programming using a web interface. Oh, and something called “glowline” which is like Christmas lights that can respond to motion and ambient light. They’re taking a fairly open approach and offer a dev kit version that promises to play nicely with Arduino-compatible devices, Raspberry Pi’s and even some commercial sensors. The programming environment is also hackable and is based on a Javascript + Node architecture.

Check them out on Kickstarter today.

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